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Ulla Strickland

Ulla Strickland is a native of Germany and has lived in the U.S. since 1993. Her two greatest passions manifested at the same time when the then 3-year old grabbed a crayon and drew – who would have guessed? – a horse. At least she claimed it was a horse. From that moment on, every picture she drew contained at least one horse-like creature. She started taking riding lessons at the age of eleven and quickly discovered her love for dressage when she knocked out a tooth while jumping. At the age of sixteen, she – finally! – got a horse. The handsome pitch-black Trakehner gelding became her favorite model and it was clear even then that her medium of choice would be graphite, something that changed only recently when Ulla started playing with watercolors. In her late teens and during her college years, Ulla did quite a few portraits of people, horses, and pets for friends, family and some “outside” clients.

At the age of 30, Ulla made her way from baroque Würzburg, Germany to modern Atlanta, GA. After the culture shock wore off and a year spent in the U.S. without horses (“the worst year of my life”), she found her way back into the sport and into the art scene. Among other things, she now organizes and manages art shows for the GDCTA and is well known for her commissioned work of horses, dogs and cats.


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Ulla Strickland


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