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“There hasn’t been a single instance where I didn’t see tears of joy on the client's face when delivering a portrait.
To be able to create that much happiness - it’s a wonderful feeling.”
Ulla Strickland

Portraits generally start around 8” x 8” at $500 unframed. Naturally, we can do larger sizes also; prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Framing can also be provided for an additional fee.


All portraits/commissions are done from photographs. At the start of the project, please provide us with your favorite shot of the subject. The digital photograph must be medium to high-res in order to capture the detail necessary for high-quality artwork. * 


In memoriam – if you want to combine several loved pets that have passed into one beautiful portrait, we can help.

Please contact Ulla for more information.


* Important: If you want to use a photograph taken by a professional photographer, you will need permission from that photographer, even if you purchased the photo. Copyright laws prohibit us from using professionally shot pictures without consent.

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